I have made a transition from mainly hand skills to digital methods of origination and production. Age and health issues have prompted this change to enable me to continue with creative endeavours. I use a number of software programmes to experiment with outcomes, some I note and can repeat, others are relatively unique and unrepeatable because precise steps were not recorded. This in my view adds a freshness to my approach to my work.  The final outcomes are, however, repeatable if I wish to and this  is particularly true in my image making where editions are possible via Giclee printing. Not so relevant with my 3D sculptural outputs in wood were hand skills are still employed in modification and finishing,  I have a range of computing, 3D printing and CNC equipment and supporting software. I disposed of my large lathe and tools and replaced them with smaller options. This includes a small CNC lathe/engraver to enable me to produce small sculptural pieces.  In making this change, I am on a continuous learning curve and with age related memory issues, this can sometimes prove to be challenging.  This website and my social media pages will chart my progress and provide regular updates.
I am happy to answer any questions you, the visitor to this website, may have and can be contacted by using the following this link.
Philip Streeting
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